Our world today full of young people struggling to navigate through life and make meaningful sense of it on their own.

There are over 1.8 billion young people in the world today, 90% of whom live in developing countries.

Most crimes around the world and even here in Nigeria are committed by young people

Most crimes around the world and even here in Nigeria are committed by young people

Our Vision

A generation of young people who know what to do with their lives and how to go about it, even in the face of challenges and obstacles to achieving them.

Our Mission

Work with relevant stakeholders to address physical, social, spiritual and mental barriers to self-actualization and fulfilment of purpose.

Our Objectives

To promote the discovery and development of God-given potentials in young people

To be a resource cradle for young people’s skills and development.

To provide wholesome alternatives for teens and youths to expend their time and energy meaningfully.

To promote a sound physical, emotional and spiritual health among young people to enable them actualize their dreams.

To engage with and support other organizations with similar focus.

Our Strategies

Character & Leadership
Career development & education
Health & wellness
Skills development & Empowerment
Wholesome alternatives
Resource centre
Research and evaluation

Our Interventions

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Voice of grace podcast

  • Publications

  • VOG newsletter

Character & Leadership
  • Leadership training conferences / summits

  • Youth clubs

  • Drama skits

  • Talks and seminars

  • Career guidance and counselling

  • Career launch

  • Academic bursaries

Health & Wellness
  • Adolescent health

  • Sex & mental health awareness campaign

  • Counselling and rehabilitation services

  • NCCF Health forum

Skills development & empowerment
  • Bootcamps and capacity building

  • Entrepreneurial training workshops

  • Small grants

Wholesome alternatives
  • Sports and games challenge

  • Camping and networking

  • Community service

Resource centre
  • Safe place

  • Retreat centre: Books, bibles, audio, video viewing centre

  • Sports/recreational centre

Research, Monitoring & evaluation
  • Cutting edge research

  • Programme monitoring & evaluation

  • Peer-reviewed publication


SDG Addressed



Highlights of key activities

CYTDI Launch

Public Presentation of CTYDI on December 6th, 2014



THEME: ‘’Shaping the future Generation: The Role of Social Media Federal Ministry of Education, 2nd Floor Conference Hall, Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase 3, Abuja.